The Newtown Clinic

The Newtown Clinic

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The Newtown Clinic is a multispecialty clinic in Newtown offering comprehensive healthcare and diagnostic services including USG, Cardiogram, X-rays and ECG. We have the top dentists in Kolkata who are known for providing quality dental services such as root canal treatment, tooth extraction, filling, full mouth scaling, dental implants, and pediatric dental care, delivering the best possible care to the people of Newtown, Salt Lake, and Rajarhat. We have experienced skin doctors and dermatologists who offer specialized treatment for hair loss, dark circle, chemical peel, acne, acne scar, mole removal, and other skin conditions. We aim to offer patients with comprehensive gynecology and obstetrician and cardiac care services.

Contact Details and Services of The New town Clinic:

The Newtown Clinic
Contact Number: 7605040000
Location: Ground Floor, Axis Mall, Block-C, CF Block (Newtown), Action Area 1C, Kolkata, New Town, West Bengal-700156
Service Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8am to 9pm
Specialized In: Dental, Skin, Dermatology, Gynecology, Cardiology, Medicine
Services: Multispeciality clinic for Dental, Skin, Dermatology, Gynecology, Cardiology & Medicine. USG, Cardiogram, ECG, X-ray, etc.
Free Home Delivery of Medicines. Call 9903991090

The New town Clinic

Health Package of New Town Clinic:

There is available 06(Six) types of health package. Such as-

  1. Basic Care Package-Rs. ₹ 199
  2. Essential Care Package-Rs. ₹ 599
  3. Master Health Package-Rs. ₹ 999
  4. Executive Health Package-Rs. ₹ 1499
  5. Executive Health Package Gold-Rs. ₹ 1999
  6. Comprehensive Premium Health Package-Rs.₹ 2999
You may know more detail about above packages in below link-

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